The Adventures of Bumbleboots

Trevor Headley

The Adventures of Bumbleboots

A tiny woodland pan seller is caught in a web of fear and trouble.Every child will want to read this story or have it read to themOnly by reading from start to finish will you experience his feelingsREAD THIS ---NOW more

6-7 years
GBP 8,99 e-book Price
GBP 14,39 Book Price
An Underdogs Tale

Sarah Walker

An Underdogs Tale

Some dogs are born great, and some dogs have greatness thrust upon them. Other dogs just don’t realise how great they really are . . .. . . Until it matters! more

11-12 years
GBP 14,99 Book Price
The Curse of Tavicombe

Rupert Michael Stringer

The Curse of Tavicombe

Two twelve year olds unused to lonely places and faced with people who do not appear to age. A background of the River Dart and the moors, kidnap, murder and heartache leads them face to face with a being of seeming imposs... more

11-12 years
GBP 13,99 e-book Price
GBP 22,99 Book Price
Reggie The Vegetarian Crocodile

Luis Gabriel Segura

Reggie The Vegetarian Crocodile

Reggie is a crocodile unlike any other, because he is a vegetarian. One day, with the help of his special friends, a monkey, a field mouse and a gazelle, Reggie becomes a hero by saving his family and the other crocs from ... more

3-5 years
GBP 23,39 Book Price
Billy and the Day Before Yesterday

Reynolds May

Billy and the Day Before Yesterday

Three children around seven to ten years old, and a dog, make ‘friends’ with people that others would call ‘Ghosts’. They go on a journey to the past and learn what friendship is all about and how people lived all ... more

8-10 years
GBP 9,99 e-book Price
GBP 15,59 Book Price

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