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Edgars Kazlausks


Story about a young man who struggles to get on with life due his depression and existential crisis. Until he discovers the path of Individuality, giving him an access to take back the power of his own life as he caries on... more

Lyric & drama
GBP 14,99 Book Price
Murdering the Macho Managers

Ben Reuben

Murdering the Macho Managers

By watching their own penis and wallet rather than justice and mercy read how the macho managers evolve from desert to deserting rat and get murdered. more

Humour & satire
GBP 16,60 Book Price
When Inspiration Sings In Silence

Jamela Bhija

When Inspiration Sings In Silence

"When our leaders have become misleaders and mentors have become tormentors. When freedom of expression becomes the target of oppression, opposition becomes our position."----- Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu (Aka Bob... more

Other & miscellaneous
GBP 13,99 Book Price
Prison Wizards

Sam Archi

Prison Wizards

It's definitely a lot of exciting and readable imaginations. This story is not based on the truth and comes from the mind. With this story you travel to places that are not possible in the real world. I suggest you re... more

Other & miscellaneous
GBP 17,99 Book Price

Leandra Khumalo


A mother’s secret, a world where the darkest fairytales are real, a child with no soul and plain Juliet caught in between it all. more

Science fiction & fantasy
GBP 16,99 Book Price

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