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L. Ross


Dr Sarah Rupert goes on a journey into the war stricken Syria where she search for girl named Yana.Will she be able to find her in time and will the new drug work?  more

Erotic & romance
GBP 15,99 Book Price
Who Am I?


Who Am I?

This is a story of a young man journey on earth through a sacred passage to the afterlife. A connecting of events, times and self discovery to uncover who mankind have been waiting for. Imagining himself into existance as ... more

Other & miscellaneous
GBP 13,99 Book Price
The Shadow of the Succubus /The Eternal Thirst

John Condenzio

The Shadow of the Succubus /The Eternal Thirst

Narrative at its best, it is like you were there, a challenge to the imagination, John Condenzio is a master of the terror literature. more

Crime & thrillers
GBP 16,99 Book Price
A Miscellany of Short Stories

Alvaro Rossi

A Miscellany of Short Stories

A collection of short stories to appeal to a variety of readers tastes.These stories should afford the reader a couple of pleasant and relaxing hours.  more

Other & miscellaneous
GBP 11,99 Book Price
Cannons and Flowers

Edward W. Saxton

Cannons and Flowers

From the horrors of the Warsaw ghetto, to the lights and fame of the concert platform. Reunited after decades have past, a brother and sister rediscover the very horrors that tore them apart. more

Science fiction & fantasy
GBP 19,99 Book Price

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