But Not Big To Kong

Gaz Quaggan

But Not Big To Kong

But Not Big To Kong is so amazingly, incredibly addictive, if it’d been around in ancient times Moses would’ve taken two copies into the Ark with him, and locked himself in the bog for a week with some wet wipes. Or w... more

Humour & satire
GBP 10,99 e-book Price
GBP 17,99 Book Price
Moms, Malmo, and Motherhand

Masud Ahmed

Moms, Malmo, and Motherhand

Are Bangladesh, 1971 and rape of her women not too recent to be remembered by the world’s memory? The human description of a stigma smeared excruciating pain of an unmarried mother and her abandoned child is the center o... more

Other & miscellaneous
GBP 14,99 Book Price
The Cakes with Rainbow-Coloured Filling

Jurgita Dim

The Cakes with Rainbow-Coloured Filling

You are a fan of true-to-life stories, but still need to believe in miracles that happen every day? Short stories containing unconventional solutions to problems, mild notes of humour and spicy erotic hints reveal a Lith... more

Science fiction & fantasy
GBP 16,99 Book Price
The Fisherman and the Seven Demons of the Black Sea

Kenny John

The Fisherman and the Seven Demons of the Black Sea

In this medieval age horror story, danger is everywhere; in the air, on the water and underground. Knights, kings and their emperors’ crumble, black magic, spells, lust, and persuasion are the weapons of those who profes... more

Other & miscellaneous
GBP 22,99 Book Price
Moon Letters

G.L. Rapula

Moon Letters

“I give you my heart today; please promise to look after it and also love me back because if you don’t, you will break it.” What novel is kicking off your weekend? The Enemy is now out and is on sale! Don’t miss ... more

Erotic & romance
GBP 17,90 Book Price

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