Early Indications

Brian Wheeler

Early Indications

Is the National lottery thief proof? An unlikely couple prove it isn’t, but stealing millions is just a cover for a sinister plot to punish a sexual predator. Not so much a whodunnit but a howdunnit detailing a fictional... more

Crime & thrillers
GBP 16,99 Book Price
Looking for Wayan

Iwan Mucipto

Looking for Wayan

She came to Bali for her study, possibly love-not prepared for culture shock, even less to get herself chased through the jungle by thieves, infiltrating a gang den, fighting for the survival of her adopted community, to b... more

Other & miscellaneous
GBP 30,59 Book Price

Alem Hailu G/Kristos


A selection of love poems which will sing to the romantic songs of the Muses. A magnificent collection of poems by Alem Hailu G/Kristos a poetic tour-de-force of inspiring contemporary poetry you must read. more

Lyric & drama
GBP 18,99 Book Price
Chalices Staggered

Fadi Wehbe

Chalices Staggered

In ‘Chalices Staggered’ doctor Jack loses his father to cancer. His life is upset but he braces himself and lives on with his father's memory. But in order not to live the same tragedy, he chooses to destroy himse... more

Crime & thrillers
GBP 10,99 e-book Price
GBP 17,99 Book Price
Lachisha's Man

Dafu Jotrot

Lachisha's Man

Watch as their worlds separate and unfolds. Be taught her lesson without living her life.  more

Erotic & romance
GBP 19,90 Book Price

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