Poems and Inspiration

Robert Brantley

Poems and Inspiration

Robert Brantley’s new book of poems is a testament to the dreams, feelings, aspirations, and the realities of the human condition. He reflects on our relationship with others, ourselves, the universe, and our creator with ... more

Lyric & drama
GBP 12,90 Book Price
We Lost Democracy

James A. Jones

We Lost Democracy

A dramatic story about an economic attack on the United States which takes all the skills of Washington detective Tom Copeland to avoid total disaster. Completely plausible, it can happen anytime and to any developed ... more

Crime & thrillers
GBP 17,90 Book Price
Who's the Villain?

Paul McCarthy

Who's the Villain?

Radiohead-their beginning of my demise is not for the faint hearted the most shocking story from the world of music in years. A true story of sex drugs and rock’n roll of the worst kind. There are no friends in music... more

Crime & thrillers
GBP 10,99 e-book Price
GBP 16,99 Book Price
Shenzhen Dream

Huang Guosheng

Shenzhen Dream

The 1st China’s novel written originally in English and published in the UK The 1st and so far only English novel from China nominated for the 2019 Int’l Dublin Literary Award A debut novel by Huang Guosheng from ... more

Other & miscellaneous
GBP 21,59 Book Price
The Presidential Interlace

Hailey Winfield

The Presidential Interlace

A new form of energy by Hilda Van Guard enthralls a world in the ends of war. Valiantly she joins investigations and attempts a rescue, causing unravelling alliances. All seems out of control, yet for many, something is ... more

Science fiction & fantasy
GBP 23,90 Book Price

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