The Slow Death of Eilen Mhor

Fred Edwards

The Slow Death of Eilen Mhor

After the loss of his ship Eilen Mhor to a German submarine in World War 2,her Skipper George finds it hard to come to terms with her loss and the demanding captivity of himself and his surviving crew members through the l... more

Other & miscellaneous
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Unwanted Destiny

Joy Brooks

Unwanted Destiny

Rayden is caught unawares by the truth of who he is. When he is forced into his role as king, he is determined to find a way out of this unwanted responsibility. However, his barbaric adversaries have other ideas and their... more

Science fiction & fantasy
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Mysterious Love

Davoud Mohammadi

Mysterious Love

Ardeshir, who was vibrant and commendable English student was so triumphant in his studies and was always one of the cleverest students, but he was always lost in love, until he got known to a married and poor woman….  more

Erotic & romance
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Mr. Procrastination

Gabriel Aziz Loutaif

Mr. Procrastination

Mr. Procrastination is a reflective novel set in Argentina that embarks its readers on a murky journey towards the depths of a contemporary man in a one of a kind psychological novel. more

Lyric & drama
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R.J. Hadlum


At the end of WW2 Hitler and Eva Braun were believed dead but had they faked their own suicides and escaped Berlin for London where they laid plans for the birth of the Fourth Reich.  more

Crime & thrillers
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